Paranoid Android Kernel setzt Nexus 4 in Szene

Custom Kernels bringen zahlreiche Verbesserungen mit sich. So zählen Features wie Swipe to Wake oder längere Batterie-Laufzeiten schon länger zum Repertoire dieser nützlichen Alternativ-Softwareherzen. Als einer der ersten Kernels, setzt der vom beliebten ROM „Paranoid Android“ darauf, auch das optische des Systemes zu verbessern.


Mit der aktuellen Version des Kernels, wurden die Farb-Settings des Systemes angepasst. Schwarz ist nun noch satter dargestellt und somit wirkt das Ganze kontrastreicher. Interessierte Nutzer, die Fauxclock verwenden, sollten letzteres deinstallieren, da in Verbindung der beiden Probleme auftreten.

Link zum Kernel

Mako (Nexus4) Status update, war on washed out colors

After a whole lot of bashing to just a lot of bashing to lesser bashing the PA mako kernel is down to ZERO bashing, a couple of hours at least. Hope it stays that way. : P

Here’s the commit in case other developers want to try:

You get vivid colors without over saturation, almost true blacks, brightest whites, very little banding (still work to do in the darker grays). Might need some RGB tweaking still but TricksterMod is your friend. In short, your old washed out Nexus 4 will look like a new device, and without making it look like an overblown AMOLED. The difference is literally night and day.

You will not get this by tweaking RGB or amp0 & 1 alone. It’s using all 9 gamma channel values, mixing LG’s original settings with Googles anti-banding presets, but without cranking the gamma as they did. It took much tweaking to befriend these two.

Here’s the kernel:
Should in theory work on any Mako ROM. 05Feb has been re-uploaded aswell with these settings.

One last thing, uninstall fauxclock if you want to try this. Every screen-off and you’re back to wash-out otherwise.


for those that still like the stock kernel better, which i think will be close to impossible:

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